Sandy McCormick

Call it recycling or repurposing, working with beach glass has a definitely green footprint. Turning it into one-of-a-kind works of useful art, says Sandy, is the icing on the cake. Beach glass art adds color, depth and charm to any room, bringing the ocean home without harming the environment.

Sandy began collecting beach glass in 1974 and her work and styles are constantly evolving. For TAST 2018, her art has a different look with unusual driftwood for her mirrors and candle holders. The feeling is more wild, like the ocean which spawns her massive collection of beach treasures. Sandy's work has a rich fullness to it, the hallmark of her art.

At first she adorned picture frames with different colors of beach glass to accent the colors and mood of the photo. "No one else was doing anything like this," she says. When they started selling at local galleries, Sandy expanded her repertoire. She chooses similar tones for some items, while using contrasting ones in others. All of her exquisite products are handcrafted slowly, with care and thought going into the selection and placement of each piece. Her work is individually inspired and lovingly designed, combining artistry with function.

Sandy's work includes picture frames, driftwood mirrors, wreaths, candle holders, wind chimes, inukshuks, pendants and even beach glass curtains. She does wedding centrepieces, birthday, anniversary, wedding and memorial mirrors as well. Sandy specializes in custom items to match your decor and she'll include your own keepsake treasures to fully personalize your selections. Email her your order now and pick it up at the tour,

Sandy's collection includes treasures from all seven continents and is constantly being replenished from beaches on Texada. The island is a beachcombers paradise, where colors of glass unique to Texada are found, such as canary yellow and golden shades.

Sandy incorporates the island's famous flower rocks into most of her work. Other treasures include small bottles, cutlery, jewellery, shells, broken china and tool and car parts. "You never know what you're going to find!"

This creative artist is captivated by the colors, patinas, lustres and textures of beach glass. Each piece is different, in terms of size, shape and thickness. The types of printing in the glass indicates its age and former purpose. Each piece tells a story.

Sandy says working with beach glass is the ultimate in recycling. A product found in nature, sand, is made by people into glass items, which find their way into the ocean to be recycled into beach glass. She then recycles it once more into one-of-a-kind works of beach glass art.

Come and talk to Sandy about her unusual craft.