Bill Kristofferson

Bill is a retired naval architect and structural engineer who has spent much of his life diving or sailing the seven seas, and finds most of his artistic inspiration from nature and the marine environment. He brings his own creative vision of boats, birds and marine mammals to life through acrylic paintings and wood carvings done mainly in yellow and red cedar.

While living on Haida Gwaii he managed the construction of the first, five beam longhouse to be built in the last 100 years in the village of Skidegate. In 1976 Bill was adopted into the Eagle clan of the Haida nation.

Bill spent many years designing the Kismet line of multihulls and providing plans for builders. He lived with his family on a self-built 43'Kismet trimaran for eight years. When he's not painting or carving, Bill can often be found sailing or working on his 34' Kismet catamaran.

Originally from Sweden, Bill's family moved to Canada when he was 10 years old. After finishing high school on Texada Island, He returned to Sweden and studied structural engineering, naval architecture and arts courses. Bill also did a short stint at the Academy of Arts in Paris before heading off to work and travel in the Middle East, prior to returning to live in Canada. Bill has also spent time travelling, sailing and working in Europe and Australia.