Lori Anne John Vick

Art is an integral part of who I am. From an early age I needed to create, to make things. My Kindergarten teacher was very concerned about me, as I would only draw with a black crayon. I’ve since moved on and now I use the whole box of colour, although I still am partial to the dark side of the palette. I start most of my works by drawing in my sketchbook. I draw, take photos, do some sketches, paint, rework it, get frustrated, and finally come to some kind of resolution with the painting. It is not an easy thing to make art, the self critic sits heavily on my shoulders. All genres are interesting to me, but my favourite is the portrait/figure.

Lori has had a rich career as both artist and teacher. She taught art and math to high school students for twenty-seven years, some being at the first year university level. In 2010, Lori was recognized for her strong voice for the visual arts and her classroom practices by the British Columbia Art Teacher’s Association with the Award for Excellence in Art Education, Graduation Level. Through out her working career Lori has never stopped making art. She has explored the art of painting using a variety of media and styles to create works alive with personality.

Lori has a Master’s degree from the University of British Columbia in Art Education. She has also studied at the Vancouver Art Academy. Through her involvement with “Artist for Kids”, Lori had the opportunity to work with many Canadian Artists as their teacher assistant while leading weeklong workshops.

Lori is now retired from teaching and now paints full time in her beachfront studio on Texada Island overlooking the Salish Sea, Georgia Strait in British Columbia.