Lori Anne John Vick

LORI ANNE JOHN VICK painting, and photography“What keeps me coming back to painting is the idea that a two dimensional surface can create the illusion of space. I use a variety of materials and painting surfaces. My favourite is the classic oil technique. My inspiration has always been the Old Masters. I also love thick impasto and pushing paint around on the surface of the canvas. But no matter how much I try to paint an abstract, it seems that I need to throw in a bit of realism. Lately I've been painting on different surfaces: aluminum, stainless steel and plaster. As a high school art teacher I always challenged my students to ask the question “what if we…” and that is something I still do for myself. My camera is never far from my side. I love isolating the view and focusing in on what I think is important. While I no longer develop my own film and print images, I find using a digital camera much more freeing.”

Lori has had a rich career as both artist and teacher. She taught art and math to high school students for twenty-seven years, some being at the first year university level. In 2010, Lori was recognized for her strong voice for the visual arts and her classroom practices by the British Columbia Art Teacher's Association with the Award for Excellence in Art Education, Graduation Level. Throughout her working career she has never stopped making art. She has explored the art of painting using a variety of media and styles to create works alive with personality.

Lori has a Master's degree from the University of British Columbia in Art Education. She has also studied at the Vancouver Art Academy. Through her involvement with “Artists for Kids”, Lori had the opportunity to work with many Canadian Artists as their teacher assistant while leading week long workshops.

Lori is retired from teaching and now paints full time in her beach front studio on Texada Island overlooking the Salish Sea, Georgia Strait in British Columbia.