Mary Lock

I have been interested in pottery for many years since my first course at the Hughe School of Pottery in Vancouver in 1972. From 1973 to 1976 my husband and I travelled around the world and I learned to appreciate many styles of art. Among my favourites were Asian designs, particularly Japanese.

I moved to Texada Island in 1977 and since the mid-80’s I have been a member of the Powell River Fine Arts Association. In the time squeezed between parenting and working I have developed my pottery style and techniques over the years. I have always been interested in individuality and like to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that combine artistry with function. These include fire squashes, intricately designed and carved candle lanterns and goblet drums (with deer hide drum skins). I also make sculpted raku wall masks which combine natural and human themes. Since my retirement in 2010 I have a small home studio with a wheel which has afforded me more time and control over my work and has allowed me to refine my techniques.

My work is original as each piece is individually inspired and designed. My intent is to embody nature’s beautiful fluid shapes and earthy colours into individual creations that are appealing and inspiring as pieces of art but have an everyday usefulness as well.