Joan Martisca

Spindrift Inspired Pottery is a working pottery studio complete with wedging and work tables, kick wheel, two electric wheels, glazing supplies and electric kiln. I create both hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery from stoneware clay fired to cone 6 in the electric kiln. I also reclaim and recycle my unused clay.

I took my first pottery classes in Burnaby in 1980 learning how to make a cylinder on a kick wheel and absolutely loved it. It wasn't until twenty-four years later, my dragonboat partner and potter Nora Hughes taught me pottery weekly here on Texada Island. Nora (Spindrift) was my mentor and still is my inspiration.

If you come on the TAST 2016 tour you will have the opportunity to see some of the steps in the process as the lump of clay changes from:

Wedging → hand-building
Throwing on potter's wheel
Trimming with the giffengrip

Now it is ready to dry for the bisque fire in the Kiln later followed by glazing and the glaze firing of the final product.