Maggie Timms

Maggie first learned to cut glass in the late 1970’s while living in Whitehorse, Yukon. She prefers to create her own original patterns and designs and has had many projects commissioned over the years.

She mainly uses the “Tiffany” (copper foil) method of construction to create both practical and whimsical pieces. Maggie also uses the traditional “lead came” method of construction to create dramatic works requiring bold lines and structural strength, sometimes substituting the lead for copper or brass.

Some of her multi-media pieces are embellished using acid etching to add detail, texture and backgrounds. She also uses advanced soldering techniques to add texture and decorative touches to certain of her works.

Maggie has introduced many people to the art of working with stained glass and taught adult night school classes at Yukon College. Maggie still takes one or two students from time to time in her tiny studio in Van Anda.

Although all other hobbies took a back seat when Maggie first tried working with stained glass; she still keeps her hand into creating beautiful carved vegetable and fruit garnishes. Before moving to Texada Island, she demonstrated the art as a guest presenter at a national Bed & Breakfast convention held in Maple Ridge.

Her more portable hobby is the design and creation of beaded bookmarks which make a very affordable gift that is both practical and beautiful.

Maggie’s love affair with glass has lasted almost four decades. The endless combinations, textures, colours, and the beauty and magic of the glass with the changing light has been a fascination that endures to this day. From the tiniest glass Bichon Frise to a meter square traditional window or full-size dragonfly/hummingbird doorlights, Maggie’s work has continued to delight and enchant since she first set cutter to glass those many years ago.