Cindy Babyn

I'm a visual artist who interprets Canadian landscapes in oil paint, and oil or soft pastel. Though largely self-taught, I've taken private master classes with my favourite artist - Gordon Harrison, often referred to as “The Eighth in the Group of Seven.” My artwork is characterized by bold interpretations of natural scenes, amplified with energetic colours that bring a modern edge to my expression.

I'm passionate about helping people! I provide compassionate listening, as well as sound healing. I help people take steps to make changes, if that’s where they’re at. Support is provided without judgment and is completely safe and confidential. With my university degree in music performance, I made a go of playing in classical music string quartets and in a world music ensemble - performing on stages and in music festivals of all kinds. I'm grateful that on my musical journey I had the opportunity to experience the beauty and power of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan, Nepalese prayer bowls, gongs, and tuning forks. These instruments have a unique vibration that works wonders on your mood and spirit. It's a sound that I just can't live without! Come and experience it for yourself!

White Pine Literary Award nominee (2014), I'm the author of two books about the ups and downs of moving & moving out for the first time! I've moved over 25 times, which has contributed to my expertise. I've given Moving Out workshops to youth to help them prepare for independent living at Ryerson University, Massey Centre for Women, Bayfield Treatment Centre, Maple Star Foster Care, and at the Festival of Trees at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Moving Out! A Young Adult's Guide to Living on Your Own; and Moving Out! Moving Through Life Transitions.