Ken & Lynda Williams

When I( Lynda) received an electric Razor Tip Burner as a gift, the wide world of Pyrography started. It became apparent that nothing was sacred from burnt images. I have burnt pictures on paper, leather drums, birch bark and many different woods such as Big Leaf Maple, Juniper, Red Cedar and my favorite of all, Yellow Cedar only found on the beach. I am self taught so there is no right way or wrong way in my world. I experiment a lot and have in the past few years have been adding colour to some images which gives a whole new dimension rather than just sepia tones. After burning everything I laid my hands on I realized there were many more ideas to explore if only I had something else to burn on. Having a husband (Ken) with a lathe opened up all sorts of ideas and soon he was taking my orders for plates and bowls, plus cutting and sanding many blanks for me to use as feathers. A friend of ours supplies me with Elk hide drums and I bring Gourds home from Yuma, Arizona where we have been spending our last eight winters. While in Yuma, I put an entry in at their Wood Show and received second prize. I have also had the honour of having two pictures chosen by Ducks Unlimited for their annual auction in the Chilcotin.

I (Ken) have been using a lathe for many years. I have turned Maple, Arbutus, Garry Oak, Juniper, Alder, Black Walnut and of coarse a large amount of Yellow Cedar for the wood burner! Spalted Maple is probably my favorite. I also hand carve Black Oak Burls which I have brought home from Oregon. While in Yuma during our winter stays, I had the pleasure of meeting with carvers and learned about carving Diamond Willow Walking sticks and canes. It didn't take long for the wood burner to start making suggestions as to a few added embellishments to my carving ideas. Weather turning on a lathe or hand carving, wood has many surprises hidden inside and that makes each piece a one of a kind.

We are both original Texadans, Ken having been raised in what was "Beautiful Blubber Bay" in a house across the street from the now Holtenwood Gallery. I was raised in "the hills" above Shelter Point where it is still beautiful!