George Griffiths

My interest in archeology has me thinking of how someone extrapolates their interpretation of a culture by observing and understanding a fragment, be it pottery or any artifact. The fragments that I create are intended to give the viewer pause for reflection.

Genre of work
Painting, trompe l'oeil (fool the eye), sculpture and low relief sculpture. The paintings are inspired by the landscape. The sculptures subject, is in the wood or stone already and I try to bring it out. The low relief work is a form of story telling inspired by Greco-Roman artifacts.

After graduating from art school, Grant McEwan Community College, I spent three decades building and painting for the entertainment industry, working in film, television and theatre. Some highlights include Academy award winning films, Broadway credits and scenery for Disney, MGM hotel in Vegas, for cruise ships, theatres and museums across North America. For most of a year I created sculpture, large and small, for a millionaire in the Bahamas. For the last decade and a half, before retirement, I taught set painting, props and model building, at the U of A and McEwan University. It is now time for my own explorations, instead of bringing other designers visions, to life.