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Amanda Martinson


Amanda Martinson, a longtime resident of Texada Island, has been creating artworks of all sorts for many years. She is known for her oil and watercolour paintings. Although, exploring many subjects, her mainstay has been landscapes. Her focus is composition featuring line, form and colour in sea, sky, rocks and trees, the goal being to capture “the soul of the coast.” But not just the coast; in juxtaposition to it’s lush profundities she loves the desert-scapes of interior BC and the American Southwest.

Mentored by several Texada sculptors she is self taught sculpting the island’s colourful marbles, dolomite and flower-rock. This led to learning lapidary and basic silversmithing. As an alternative to silversmithing, Amanda explored bead embroidery to make bezels for her cabochons and has evolved to making “sculptural” jewellery pieces.

Amanda sees the potential for art in everything and likes to create and “re-create” as a natural extension of her being – it really is the essence of who she is and for her, the “art of living.”

She will have NEW PAINTINGS of abstract explorationes in the style of acrylic flow paintings. The technique creates very organic images reminiscent of cells, patterns in rocks and of water where shadowy figures may suddenly emerge as the eye seeks to organize the image amongst swirly colours.

Amanda is putting on a HUGE “MAKE AN OFFER” SALE to clear out her house of hundreds of artworks to make way for the new. No reasonable offer refused! These works are experiments, practice, hand-pulled prints, old ones, etc., and will not devalue the “good” works previously sold. (Sky Series not included) Prints, cards, stickers and sacred geometry Tshirts for sale as well.



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Acrylic Pour/Flow paintings

Unique fractal designs on all over print shirts. Available in my Etsy store.

Pleine Aire paintings

Unique bead embroidery jewellery and semi-precious stones