Steve Croasdale

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Steve Croasdale

Name : James ‘Steve’ Croasdale.

Occupation : Custom Fabricator. 

     My working life began when I left school and went to work for my Dad in his business servicing and constructing recreational vehicles. In the same industrial complex there was a custom electric sign manufacturer. I have always been artistically minded , so when the sign shop owner saw me painting my motorcycle , and asked me if I could do his sign artwork , I said yes. I learned the basics of all of the 5 -6 trades involved in signwork at that shop. There is no trades certification specifically for sign work , so I mastered the work through experience. I was eighteen at the start.

   Along the way I worked as a custom painter , motorcycle mechanic and a few other jobs but always with signwork as my main income. Neon work was always prominent in this work and I was able to have a neon fabrication shop for ten years , contributing in my own way to Vancouvers rich neon sign history. I still take on the odd neon job and will never tire of the work.

   My move to Texada Island in 2014 was a complete change in environment , climate , and community. New materials , fabrication techniques and procedures have all been put in place in my home and business. Production is now focused on custom items from a number of incredible different woods. Signs are still a staple in my working life , most of them are made of wood now!

   As 2020 is my first time participating in the Texada Island Studio Tour I’m looking forward to meeting our guests and opening my home and business to them. Please make sure Van Anda Custom Works is on your ‘Make Sure to See’ list!

                                                        Thank you; Steve Croasdale.