Alfred’s interest in art began at an early age. By his teens, he was sketching and painting, by day and by night, from shore and from canoe, in Algonquin Park. He studied painting under Canadian artist Alex Miller at Seneca College, King City, Ontario.

Amanda Martinson, a longtime resident of Texada Island, has been creating artworks of all sorts for many years. She is known for her oil and watercolour paintings. Although, exploring many subjects, her mainstay has been landscapes.

This talented young artist works in a range of the visual arts including calligraphy and illumination, painting, stained glass, textiles and sculpture. Park on the street and walk down the driveway to the green front door of the house. Charlotte does her work under the name “Septaliger.” She reproduces Medieval manuscripts on homemade vellum, made from the skins of Texada deer. Demonstrations of calligraphy and the Medieval technique of making paint from pigments. Check out the teabag art.

Debbie is a self taught artist, acrylic being her medium, who specializing in paintings of structures and landscapes.

Meet gallery owner Doby Dobrostanski. Are you looking for commissioned works, originals or fine art prints? Doby specializes in aviation, automotive, marine, wildlife, murals and landscapes. With over 30 years’ experience he delivers high-quality artwork that matches the client’s needs.

My interest in archeology has me thinking of how someone extrapolates their interpretation of a culture by observing and understanding a fragment, be it pottery or any artifact. The fragments that I create are intended to give the viewer pause for reflection.

Joyce’s acrylic paintings are expressions of joy, part of a healing journey that she would like to share with you. There are impressionist landscapes and florals. Her techniques include loose brushwork and knife work, focusing on the interplay among colour, light and subject matter.

Lori has had a rich career as both artist and teacher. She taught art and math to high school students for twenty-seven years, some being at the first year university level. In 2010, Lori was recognized for her strong voice for the visual arts and her classroom practices by the British Columbia Art Teacher’s Association with the Award for Excellence in Art Education, Graduation Level. Through out her working career Lori has never stopped making art. She has explored the art of painting using a variety of media and styles to create works alive with personality.